Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tunnel vision

Before I met you all I did was work. I knew nothing else but what I had done my whole life, which was work. You could say that all I knew was work and had a bad case of tunnel vision. But then we met and that all changed, but alas it was for a brief time. We then added to our family for the first time. By this time my tunnel vision had virtually disappeared. But then something happened and I reverted back to having tunnel vision again for work. But luckily it did not last long for we added to the family again, during these 2 periods of time life was a bliss. But I fell short in not explaining and or properly showing my try emotions and or feelings in the way that was deserved by you and I fell back in to my tunnel vision again with work and thus a rift formed and continued to widen as the time went on. The rift came so large that it seems that no matter the size of bridge that could be built again there was always something that prevented it from being finished again. Alas now I sit here alone at the end of the partial bridge that I have constructed looking out to the other half wondering who it is that can help me Finnish this bridge that I have partially built.

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