Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The New force

So Ultramar is running a promo for a new drink that they have had made specifically for them.

The drink is called U-Force, the introductory price is $0.99 pliant tax and deposit for it.

How ever on May 9 and 10th And 16th and 17th you can get a free bottle of this new drink at no cost with the purchase of any other beverage (Excluding any type of hot beverage or if in Quebec or New Brunswick alcoholic beverages as well).

There is a limit though unfortunately of 1 bottle per person per day if you go to the same Ultramar.

There is a toral of 4 flavours available to choose from as well, So far the feedback on the drinks are that they are good, but very similar to Gatorade but at a better price.

Also they currently have their Bens Bread for $1.99 a loaf.

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