Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The path

So what is real. Is it what we can taste, smell, touch and or feel? Is there honestly anyway for us to know or find out? Or is everything that we do predefined as some say as genetics, Or is it in our genes to be who we are and thus do what we do!. For me I say we are a culmination of what we do and how we do it and who we have in our life to accompany us on our path through this existence we call life. Unfortunately there are those of us out there whether we know it or not that attempt to misdirect us on our path as we travel along so as to enhance their own path of existence that they are living. But there are times that we get lucky enough to have that other person join us on our path and begin a journey together enriching and Complementing each other. But at times this same situation will end when the other person no longer wishes to proceed on the enriching path that they are traveling with this person with. They believe that the path that runs alongside the one they are  currently on is more rewarding than the one they are currently on. But they find out sooner or later in most cases it was simply an illusion that they were seeing and the new path that they have chosen is not what they thought it would be or what they thought they had perceived. Unfortunately this is happening more and more these day's. People are now making choices without thinking them through and selecting a path that was and or is not right for them, and properly selecting the  company in which they wanted to enrich them on there path/journey they have taken in life.

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