Saturday, May 17, 2014

Canadian diabetes association

So I was given a info packet today for a clothing bin, so I sat down to actually read it and it was from the Canadian diabetes association, The gentleman that gave me the packet was very friendly and dressed in business casual clothing which was a very welcome change from seeing people in a full blown business suit.
The information was very easy to read and understand and well presented. This is definitely something that everyone should look into and not just from the Canadian diabetes association but other companies that do the same thing as well. The only thing this does is help the people that need it and shows that we as a whole are good people and help when we can where we can.
So please give the info below a look over (It has all been summarized from the info that I was given) and see if there is anything that you can do be it donation, support or volunteer work.
Canadian Diabetes Association
Diabetes is an epidemic not only in Canada but in the world and currently in Canada alone there are 9 Million people affected by diabetes or prediabetes. Type 2, the form of diabetes that normally happens/develops later in life is on the growth and being seen in people as young as 11 year olds. The Canadian Diabetes Association works with companies and people and communities on whole to help and try and eliminate diabetes.
The Canadian diabetes Association’s clothesline program collects used or new clothing and household donations from communities by either pre-arranged pick-ups or by collecting the items  from their clothing drop box’s that are throughout cities and towns.
The box’s are checked every day (excluding Christmas day and New Years day) so the box is never over filled or looking bad while on your property. In the off chance that the box becomes full before the regular pick-up happens’ you can contact them and they will come again and empty it to alleviate the situation.
By having a Canadian diabetes Association’s clothesline box you are helping the environment and the less fortunate by creating less garbage to go to landfills.
Should you have further questions and or you are interested in obtaining a Canadian diabetes Association’s clothesline box you can contact Canadian diabetes Association at 1-800-505-5525 or online at or
Random Faq’s
• Clothesline raises more than 30 Million annually.
• There are over 2100 donation bins.
• 1.7 million households (not unique) are visited annually.
• 42+ million Kg’s are diverted from landfills annually.
o This means 766+million kWh is saved annually.
o This also reduces our carbon footprint by 105+ million Kg’s of CO2 emissions.
• Clothesline has been operating since 1985.
• More than 7+ million given to research last year.
• Has camps for children (1600) with diabetes that live with type 1 diabetes.
Some of the sponsors/supporters/hosts
• Canadian Tire
• Esso
• Foodland
• The Home Depot
• Home Hardware
• Petro-Canada
• Rona
• Safeway
• 7 Eleven
• Shell
• Shoppers drug mart
• Sobeys
• Walmart

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