Friday, June 7, 2013

Windmill Rd Cheese Curds in Burnside

     So I went to Cheese Curds in Burnside today located at 600 Windmill Rd, Dartmouth, Their hours are quite good, they cover lunch and supper times and somewhat late in to the evening (Hours are posted at the bottom of this).

     So when I first walked in, I was quite surprised. The place is massive (They can accommodate just over 300 in the entire place). On the right hand side you have Cheese Curds and on the left hand side you have Habaneros. Doing it this way has left the entire front of the store for seating and standing area, as well it funnels you down to the bathrooms at the back as well as the lines for each restaurant as well.

     Now at the back they also have a "Conference room" with good size seating as well to accommodate for staff meetings for near by business's. They will also cater to your place of work; But you do have to have your order in to them before 10am for that to be done. They also have a upper level which can accommodate about 100 people.

     Now just about anywhere you are while inside you have view of some nice flat screen televisions which is very nice. They also have modern music playing in the back ground as well.

     The staff that I seen today was very nice and upbeat and more than willing to help a Cheese Curds Virgin pick out the right stuff to get and make sure I have everything that I wanted as well. Surprisingly as well when I was placing my order the employee tried to upsell me a beer... Yep that is right, they have beer on tap as well as in bottles (not a big selection, but hey at least they have it there...).

     All the staff their were all doing their own jobs by making fries and the hamburger patties and such, but yet they all were working as a team and interacting with each other the entire time I was there. Now if only more places of business like that were working like that together it would be better.

     So when I placed my order I got the Legendary CC Porker + Cheese Curds’ Original Poutine with a fountain drinking spending a total of $18.11. I thought I would start off with something simple and with what I was hearing people talk about.

     So once I paid for my order they gave me a custom coaster that lights up and vibrates when your order is ready. In total It only took about 5 minutes before I was able to get my food and before I even got it I was asked if I had been waiting long for my food; Which was/is phenomenal to say the least.

     So I got my food. Now the decision is to figure out where it is I want to sit? Upstairs or Downstairs. I choose to sit upstairs. I figured go with the upstairs to get a good view of the place and the employee's to watch as everything goes on.

     Even though they were busy I found a table very easily and it was clean. I sit down and finally get to take a good look at the food. It looked amazing, then I got the smell from it. My mouth instantly started to water, it smelled soo good I could not believe it. Like I said to @ADHD123Sue on Twitter I was having a MouthGasm and it did not stop till I was done eating and left which was almost a hour from the time I walked in. You definitely can not rush the devouring of this food, it has to be savored no two ways about it.

     Now the short video clip that is attached here is running from the bathroom upstairs through the upstairs sitting area, down the stairs turning left and then out the front door.

     Now I will say this for certain. I will be going back again hands down, but I will definitely be taking people with me next time to enrich the experience of the atmosphere and the conversation as well.  

Mon-Thurs. 11am-8pm Fri-Sat. 11am-9pm Sun. Closed

Sunday        - Closed
Monday       - 11am – 8pm
Tuesday       - 11am – 8pm
Wednesday  - 11am – 8pm
Thursday      - 11am – 8pm
Friday          - 11am – 9pm
Saturday      - 11am – 9pm

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Menu -
Burger Album -

*All names are owned by the owner and are not belonging to me in any way shape or form. But seriously, how can you not name/reference a company with such
Great food and employee's?.

ALL HAIL "Appetite" The burger goddess.

Edit 06/08/13: Store Times updated

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