Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The 2nd Chance

There are times that we know we want and or need a second chance; but there are also those times that we don't know if we need a second chance. How are we to know when we need that second chance to correct the error that we made the first time without being told. Now a lot of people are very up front and will tell you that you have made a mistake and you are being given the second chance, but then there are those people that will not tell you and simply make excuses as to not see you and or not talk to you because you have made that mistake the first time even though you may not known you have made it.
But then there are those times you have made a mistake no matter how big or small it was; but then you have the same type of people that will either allow you to correct it over time or they will shut you out and have nothing more to do with you.
Now the latter; does that make the person shutting you out a bad person or simply doing it so they can not get hurt or to avoid being hurt again by another person?. Or depending on the mistake you have made, does the other person that allows you to rectify your mistake asking to quite possibly get hurt again or are they hoping that the mistake will be fixed and not happen again?.
Now are mistakes made because of lack of communication between the 2 people or is it because of how each of them were raised and the one that made the mistake doesn't see it as a mistake but the other does! And if it is the latter was there truly any way to avoid the mistake being made in the first place. It is quite possible that if each person knew the other better that it could of been avoided or was it destined to happen anyway?.

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