Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2 If by the canteen

So a new little canteen has opened and a long standing cafe has moved and the 2 have come together. So now you can not only get lunch but also desert or a snack to go afterwords.
So I ended up going to the Canteen on Friday April 11 2014, which happened to be their Meatloaf Friday. So who am I to normally go against the grain I ordered the meatloaf.
So I placed the order for the sandwich and the gentleman taking my order asks for my name. I couldn't believe it; but I gave my name. A few minutes later another employee is coming out holding a container, it is something you would see when you order fries at a MooseHeads game.
This completely negates that they asked me for my name, not only was everyone friendly but they also brought the food to you no matter where you where sitting or even standing. That is what I call service with a smile, the smiles there were a plenty and not just the staff but also the happy customer's.
So now on to the food, specifically the meatloaf sandwich. Freshly baked white bread with a perfect crust to it. Excellent flavour and taste frontage meatloaf as well and the toppings on it, you combine that all together and you have the perfect lunch with simply adding a cup of their soup as well, sorry to say I didn't get the soup however I will say I now have a IOU for @TheCanteenNS for their soup and another sandwich overtly soon for their is no better place for lunch.
So the whole time I am enjoying the atmosphere and food upstairs I am looking downstairs at 2 if by sea cafe.
I take a walk downstairs and look at what they have, not only do they have earl grey tea and at least 8 more that I seen but they have these things that they call cookies. They look more like edible wheels they are soo big. Then I see their croissants and go for the sugar coated and chocolate filled one, I am gonna be walking it off any ways.
so the employee serving me hands me the bag with the "cookie" in it and the croissant on a plateand she says she will briby the tea over once it is ready, a little strange but ok. The tea is brought over to me about a minute later, to my surprise it is loose tea which is much better than the bagged tea is by a mile.
Now consider this your warning when eatting their croissantswith carefully take it apart with your hands or have a bib ready, remember you have been warned.
To wrap this up if I lived closer i would willing give up tim hortons in a heart beat, better food and better atmosphere and not to mention they also have better WiFi, no going to a website to register or such simply ask for the password and enter it and your online.

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