Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bells online customer support

     So I had a question in regards to my contract end date with Bell Mobility. So I tried to call them, of course they were closed early on a Saturday night, so luckily I was near a computer and went to their online support instead.

     So after a 1 hour session with the rep, he was able to avoid all technical questions in regards to the IMEI and ICCID associated to the account, he was also not able to verify what in store rep made changes to the account and or what store location was the one that changed/renewed the contract that they have on file.

     He also did not show any indication that a warranty claim had been filed for the phone associated to the account. All he was able to do is provide the same date for the entire conversation.

     Now I can not say whether this is due to lack of system access or lack of training or not fully understanding what I was asking (And if so then he should of asked for clarification) or just unwillingness to provide full support. So for the time being I am going with the assumption that it is due to lack of system's unless I can prove otherwise.

     Now I did keep track of the entire conversation as it went along (it is posted below, names and dates and such have been edited for security reason's) for quality purposes.

     I also love the fact when asked for a call back by either customer care or a supervisor I was told that they can not do that........ Even AT&T Mobility does that....

     I definitely left feedback in the popup window you get when you go to close the chat window, that is also posted below.

     Lets just say at this point my faith in Bell Mobility is dwindling and I hope they can fix that. I have had this service/number since I moved to Nova Scotia and that has been over 15 years now.

Thank you for your patience an online representative will be with you shortly. Your wait time is approximately 1 minute(s).

You are chatting with John A.
Your name: Wilcre
Your number: ***-***-****
Your question: I have a question about my current Commitment period end date. 21:26
  • Sir John A: Hi there William!
  • Sir John A: No worries, I'm here for you I can definitely assist you with the contract.
  • Sir John A: May I know what is it?
  • Wilcre: Commitment period end date January 03, 20**
  • Sir John A: Yes, would you like to double check it?
  • Wilcre: I would like to know what renewed the contract, the last time it should of been renewed is when I got the Sony Xperia™ T
  • Sir John A: I see, let me check it. I see that your account is protected by a pin. Can I have that, too? For me to be able to validate and secure your account.
  • Wilcre: Sure not a problem it is ****
  • Sir John A: Perfect! Thank you very much for the information, William.
  • Wilcre: not a problem
  • Sir John A: I'll review the log on your account. By the way how's our day today?
  • Wilcre: thank you, and it was pretty good. thank you for asking.
  • Sir John A: Great that is good to know. Let me see if I can make it perfect.
  • Sir John A: I see here that you make a upgrade last January 4, 20** right?
  • Wilcre: there was a upgrade but that should of been done sooner than that. does the account reflect when i claimed a warranty replacement for my sony, they had given me a Motorola as a temp phone to use.
  • Sir John A: Yes, what I see here is that the contract starts on that date and on a three years contract.
  • Wilcre: So with a warranty claim the contract is renewed again?.
  • Sir John A: Let review it further.
  • Sir John A: I see here that the upgrade started on January 4, 2013 and the contract didn't extend at all.
  • Wilcre: can you confirm when it was I filed the warranty claim for the Sony Xperia™ T
  • Wilcre: *Please
  • Sir John A: Sure, let me check on it.
  • Sir John A: I'm afraid but the warranty replacement was not recorded here on the account.
  • Wilcre: can you confirm in the system when I was using a different IMEI than I am now, the first date that shows up would indicate the day I sent the phone in for repair and then when it changes again is the date when I got the Sony Xperia™ T back again.
  • Sir John A: I see here that it is register last January 4, 2013 and the phone was not change. Did they repair the phone?
  • Wilcre: Yes it was a internal battery issue with the phone. I know they didnt change the IMEI on the account; however the IMEI would of changed for the authentication in the system for when I got the temp phone and then again when I got the Sony back again.
  • Sir John A: Yes, the thing is that I didn't see any record here that the commitment was change.
  • Wilcre: ok just a second please.
  • Sir John A: Sure, no worries.
  • Wilcre: ok I am back, 21:58
  • Sir John A: Great!
  • Sir John A: What do you mean by the 21:58?
  • Sir John A: Is that for the time?
  • Wilcre: do you or your tech department have access to a system that records/lists the IMEI's and ICCID's that are associated and ro used on my account?. if so thenwe can confirm when the Sony Xperia™ T was originally purchased and placed on my account, from the papaer work I ahve been able to find I got the phone in the middle to start
  • Wilcre: *start of 20** not 20**.
  • Wilcre: sorry the 21:58 was copied over from a personal chat I have going with another person.
  • Sir John A: Oh I see, no worries, let me verify the 20** logs again..
  • Sir John A: I carefully check the logs for 2012 and I'm afraid but there's no records on it that it started on that date. I see here that it stared on the first month of 2013. That is what I see here base on the information on the account.
  • Wilcre: Does your system show when I got the calling plan I have now?.
  • Sir John A: Yes, I see here that the plan started on January 04, 20** that is the time when the upgrade is made.
  • Wilcre: Does the system show you or can you find out on that date what store location renewed the contract?.
  • Sir John A: I see here that when the contract started it was never renewed or extended.
  • Sir John A: If the phone is repaired it would not extend the contract.
  • Wilcre: Does the system show you or can you find out what store location started the contract?.
  • Sir John A: Are you referring on the store where you activated the upgrade?
  • Wilcre: I am trying to clarify what store started the contract currently on the account, I need to know if it was the store that did the warranty claim or the store I got the phone from, they are different stores in different cities.
  • Sir John A: Let me see if I can find it.
  • Wilcre: They are commissioned based their sales ID should be on the account.
  • Sir John A: I'm afraid that is not recorded on this system .
  • Wilcre: So the notes do not reflect what a in store agent does to the account by their ID or name or such!.
  • Sir John A: I'm afraid yes, the system are not showing on what store does the upgrade happen.
  • Wilcre: does ti show for the calling plan!.
  • Sir John A: Your rate plan change to Fab 10 Promo 65 - 36M last January 4, 20**.
  • Wilcre: ok by what store location, only 2 agents had access to my account, i need to know what one.
  • Sir John A: I'm afraid that the store location is not shown here.
  • Wilcre: does it state a store number possibly?.
  • Sir John A: No store Id is reflected. It gives Application number which is ********.
  • Wilcre: Unfortunately that doesn't help me without full access to your internal systems.
  • Sir John A: I understand you. If you want you may call our client care department for they are using different system from us and they have more access than us here on chat. Would you like to get the number?
  • Wilcre: unfortunately unless I speak to tech support customer care is closed as per the IVR which is why I have come to the online department.
  • Sir John A: I see, I'm afraid that please contact the said department again tomorrow. For this is the only information I have in our system.
  • Sir John A: I'll do everything that I can the thing is that is the only information here on the account. I hope you understand.
  • Sir John A: For now would that be all to serve you?
  • Wilcre: Are you able to have either have a supervisor or customer care call me tomorrow after 15
  • Wilcre: Are you able to have either have a supervisor or customer care call me tomorrow after 15:00 AST.
  • Sir John A: I'm afraid but we can't set up a call back.
  • Wilcre: Sorry first line got cut short.
  • Sir John A: For now would that be all to serve you?
  • Wilcre: Are you able to leave detailed notes on the account for me so that all they have to do is read the notes instead of me having to re-explain everything to them when I call back in again.
  • Sir John A: Absolutely! I'll explain the situation on the account and leave a notes here. To serve as their reference once you call.
  • Wilcre: ok thank you then. that is all. have a good night sir. 22:36.
  • Sir John A: You too have a good night! It's been a pleasure assisting you regarding the contract! Thank you for choosing Bell mobility. Have a great day, William! Smile always!
  • Sir John A: Bye for now! Cheers!
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When asking the rep for detailed info in reguards to my contract, he was only able to provide the month, day and year. When asked what agent put the current rate plan in to place he could not provide that information, nor could he provide the store location that put the plan in to place. The agent also stated that he could not confirm when the ICCID on the account changed and then changed back again, He was also unable to find any mention on the account about a warranty claim that was filed on my Sony Xperia™ T.  Either the online customer care reps need more access to the systems to locate this information or the information should be listed in the system, that is going with the assumption that the representitive was not misleading me and just kept me online for a hour. Full transcript of the conversation is available if you dont already have a copy of it for quality assurance purposes.

Total character limitation: 900. I had to reduce the word "Information" to "Info" to make everything fit. Heck, a MMS can handle a higher character count then their "additional info" section can.

And just in case I have the gallows ready and waiting for Bell Mobility.

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