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Gyms And Their Benefits Or Temporary Lack there of

Gyms And Their Benefits Or Temporary Lack there of
         So I have been wondering about this for a long time now. Why is it that gyms like Good Life Fitness (@GoodLifeFitness) do not take advantage of extra sources of energy for the operation of their gyms?.

         These days you see houses being built with solar panels on the roofs or in the back yards and even some but not many other companies do that as well, all in the response to the rising costs of power rates and to help reduce their monthly expenses.

         You can run allot of equipment with solar power, Water Heaters, Lights, Power outlets for other items and ETC.... The technology is also out there for human power to be converted to energy that can be used by electronics as well..

         So with that being said there are Close to 300 clubs across Canada Good Life Fitness, Just think how many other gyms that are out there as well that are not doing the same thing.

         Now Kudos have to go out to Good Life Fitness for going on UnderCover Boss Canada which aired Thursday March 22nd 2012 at 9PM. However allot of other companies have done the same thing.

         Now the other items that I have on my mind is the fact that all of the machines they have (Rower's, Elliptical's, TradMill's, Recumbent Cycle's Etc...) All of these machines can modified (Yes at a substantial cost) so that the energy that is created on them can be returned and stored in the batteries for the backup of the business location and energy can be returned to the power company for a credit to be applied to the power bill for that location.

         Now what would that mean for the business? Well it would be a large start up investment, however with quite a few of their locations being 24/7 and the close to 300 clubs in Canada of which they have 750,000 members (And Growing), That is allot of energy that is being wasted and not being put to good use. This would mean that over time the over head expense of the clubs they have would be lowered weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Annually thus this would allow them to take the extra profits that they have been able to acquire and put it in to more donations and foundations such as the (The Kilee Patchell-Evans Autism Research Group at the University of Western Ontario and The GoodLife Kids Foundation) and not to mention they can also lower their monthly gym membership fee's as well, that in turn would get them over time more members at a faster rate than they already have which

    in turn they would go from 1 in every 45 Canadians as members to a bigger ratio which is always a good thing. The more people that are part a of a gym that go to the gym on a regular basis have a better chance of having better health and well being (And no one can say that we don't as a society need to get in better shape). If McDonalds can be the official restaurant of the Olympics we might as well say is smoking is the official medicine of cancer.
         These are a listing of local gyms near me, to date I have gone to the Burnside 24 Hrs 4 Days/Wk (Main Gym for me and love it, always clean and friendly staff, When I went for my introduction with the personal trainer we were there 30 minutes or more past he end time for her shift but she had no problem with that at all) and the Scotia Square (Been their once, not impressed, was rushed out before closing, TV's were turned off at least 10 minutes before closing and that was after I was told they were closing soon, their Vending machine was out of order and bathroom was dirty; needless to say I showered when I got got home.) I am gonna try and get to the other gyms close by and see what they are like.

         Now to be fair this is my opion of the 2 gyms I have been to myself, I recommend everyone at some point try it out and make your own opinions, Good Life Fitness does provide a "3 Free Visit Pass" for everyone, the link to that is here for all to see and fill out. Link

    Club Info Source: Link

    Burnside 24 Hrs 4 Days/Wk
         202 Brownlow Ave. Unit CCY
         Dartmouth, NS
         Coed Club
          Tel:  (902) 481-2348
         Fax: (902) 468-2581

    Scotia Square
         5201 Duke Street
         Halifax, NS
         Coed Club
         Tel:  (902) 492-9289
         Fax:  (902) 492-0110

    Penhorn Plaza 24 Hrs 4 Days/Wk
         555 Portland Street, Unit A015
         Dartmouth, NS
         Coed Club
         Tel:  (902) 464-5433
         Fax:  (902) 464-1619

    Park Lane
         5657 Spring Garden Rd.
         Halifax, NS
         Coed Club
         Tel:  (902) 425-2348
         Fax:  (902) 425-2877

    Joseph Howe Drive Atlantic Superstore
         3601 Joseph Howe Drive
         Halifax, NS
         Women's Club
         Tel:  (902) 453-7724
         Fax:  (902) 455-5029

    Park Victoria
         1333 South Park Street
         Halifax, NS
         Women's Club
          Tel:  (902) 422-6696
          Fax:  (902) 406-3930

    Clayton Plaza 24 Hrs 4 Days/Wk
         70 Lacewood Dr.
         Halifax, NS
         Coed Club
         Tel:  (902) 457-2226
          Fax:  (902) 457-7377

    Portland Landrance
         650 Portland St.
         Dartmouth, NS
         Coed Club
         Tel: (902) 435-0818
         Fax: (902) 435-3798

    How I feel After A Great Work Out At Good Life Fitness
    Written By Kevin Cresswell
         Now Please Post a Reply with comments as to what you think about this.

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