Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Parking Ban Notifications

 Winter Parking Ban Notifications

     So it is that time of year yet again that we the people will most likely end up with unwanted presents on our windows when we come out of work or the house during the day or night. The winter parking ban in HRM will be enforced between the hours of 1 a.m. & 6 a.m. during any and all declared snow/ice events as of December 15, 2014 up to and including March 31, 2015.

     We can all stay well informed & plan ahead by & or subscribing to HRM's CityWatch notification system or listening to the radio or reading the newspapers or by following @hfxgov on twitter. All you have to do is register at this link HRM Winterized site they will do their best to send out timely updates by phone, email, and/or text message to you about the possible status of the overnight winter parking ban('s) within HRM. You can provide up to 2 phone numbers and up to 2 email addresses, or a combination of both when registering online.

*NOTE: The registration pages are currently not compatible with CHROME web browsers (Also not currently optimized for use with Smartphones.) please use Internet Explorer or FireFox 

     Now it is best that if you even have a doubt about the weather during the night your best bet is to secure off-street parking during the winter months as a precaution (Better safe than sorry).

     If you have questions about the municipal overnight winter parking ban and or have an issue with submitting your information online, you can call 311 or email to get further information and or clarification on this all.

     It is recommended that you do not rely solely on the CityWatch notifications for parking ban information due to delivery issues via the internet and or phone notification's. You can also check out their website and or their Twitter feed at @hfxgov or by calling 311.

     If you had signed up for this service last year this service has not stopped it simply hibernated during the non-winter season and is now back up and running for you already. If any of the information you entered last year has changed it is recommended to go back online again and update the information.

Note: the use and collection of the information that you provide online is listed below.

In accordance with Section 485 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA), the personal information collected on this form will only be used by CityWatch for the identified mass notification purpose, for the purpose of clarifying the information submitted, for providing updates or seeking further information on this same subject. If you have any questions about the collection and use of this information, please contact HRM’s Access and Privacy Office at 1-902-490-4390 or

The CityWatch notification system is effective and efficient, but you should not rely on it exclusively for updates. This system supplements, rather than replaces, other communication methods used to broadcast winter parking ban information, including HRM Public Service Announcements, websites and social media channels. CityWatch notifications are dependent upon external providers such as your wireless carrier or email delivery service. Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) cannot guarantee that notifications will be received by the intended recipient. Service costs from your carrier are your responsibility.

     I honestly hope and pray that this helps everyone in avoiding a parking ticket this year, but will be pleased if it only helps a handful of people instead. For every dollar we do not give to the government is a dollar that we get to keep in our pockets for something more important.

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  • Saturday, October 18, 2014

    Beford trails to Halifax

     Beford trails to Halifax

          So I intended to walk about 5km today (3.1m), but I ended up walking over double that today, I walked a total of 12.7km (7.89m). I took the number 16 bus from close to home, then transferred to the number 80 to get to the Tim Hortons in Bedford (1530 Nova Scotia Trunk 2, Bedford, NS B4A) next to the Chicken Burger, the first place I stopped was at the Esso located at 1505 Bedford Hwy, Bedford, NS B4A 1E3 to get some water for the walk. The attendants there were friendly to say the least, but very surprised/startled when they asked what I was up to and I replied back that I was walking to Halifax from Bedford.

         Something that I noticed that along the walk from Bedford until I got to MSVU (Mount Saint Vincent University) everyone that I passed said hello to me as we passed each other, once I passed MSVU not one person acknowledged the greeting that I gave them.

         Now along the way I stopped and either took in the scenery (I have never actually walked this part of the area, I had always just driven through it) or took a couple pictures of the area; mainly of the Bedford Basin ("Photos listed below").

         I started the walk around 09:00am and ended it at about 13:00, the walk was about 4 hours long (That is with taking breaks just to sit and watch everything going on with the people around and what was happening in the Basin), so total walk time would of been about 3 hours which is what I figured it would take.

         The day started off a little dark and over cast, but there was a slight breeze and near the end of the walk the breeze was still there but it had cleared up and the sun had also come out as well. In my opinion it was a excellent day for this walk to happen.

         For the walk I was by myself (But when I do it again I do plan to take some one with me to enjoy it more), how ever I did have a boat load of Pod casts from @Lefty643 that I had put on to my MP3 player, so even though I only had a 1 way communication it was still nice to have some sort of a presence with me on this walk.

         My walk was from start to end with these addresses 1530 Nova Scotia Trunk 2, Bedford, NS B4A (Tim Hortons) - 7001 Mumford Road, Halifax, NS B3L 4N9 (Halifax Shopping Centre) 12.7km. An image from Google is below to detail out the walking route I took as well as all the other pictures and 2 short videos I took as well.

    Monday, October 13, 2014



         So DudeLikeHELLA on YouTube does a daily VLOG, he used to live in California, but recently moved to Alaska. Talk about making a move, from a hot place to a cold place, but the trade-off in scenery and such is more than a fair trade, if anything he got the better part of the deal.

         In his recent VLOG that he did labeled COOLEST SOUND EVER! [Living in Alaska 43]; he came across an ice-covered lake surrounded by mountains., and him being the big kid he is, he skips a rock across the ice, the resulting outcome of the sound is just amazing to say the least. Not to mention he capped the second skipping off with a duck call, I liked it so much I had to convert the sound into an audio file for my ringtone/alarm on my phone.

         You can see the entire video here (Video Link) ("I do highly recommend watching it and all his other video's as well and not to mention the one called "Beer Train GONE WRONG! - [Living in Alaska 38]"it is a riot, here is that link for you ((2nd Video Link)), the sounds come from the time stamps in the video of 3:52-3:57 and 4:30-4:33 and then 4:38-4:38.

         Now keep in mind all these audio files I have compiled from his video, I do not own these sounds and only have borrowed them and hope Cory does not mind this, all of his contact information is listed below if you wish to reach him, also check out his video's, which I highly recommend to do.

    Facebook DudeLikeHELLA:

    Tweet SMPFilms:

    Keek him: 36secondFILMS

    See his OTHER YouTube Channels:

    Thank you GCI for the awesome internet! Today's video took 40 minutes to upload.


    Camera - Sony Cybershot RX-100
    Extension Mount - iPole Stealth

    Saturday, September 13, 2014

    Bells online customer support

         So I had a question in regards to my contract end date with Bell Mobility. So I tried to call them, of course they were closed early on a Saturday night, so luckily I was near a computer and went to their online support instead.

         So after a 1 hour session with the rep, he was able to avoid all technical questions in regards to the IMEI and ICCID associated to the account, he was also not able to verify what in store rep made changes to the account and or what store location was the one that changed/renewed the contract that they have on file.

         He also did not show any indication that a warranty claim had been filed for the phone associated to the account. All he was able to do is provide the same date for the entire conversation.

         Now I can not say whether this is due to lack of system access or lack of training or not fully understanding what I was asking (And if so then he should of asked for clarification) or just unwillingness to provide full support. So for the time being I am going with the assumption that it is due to lack of system's unless I can prove otherwise.

         Now I did keep track of the entire conversation as it went along (it is posted below, names and dates and such have been edited for security reason's) for quality purposes.

         I also love the fact when asked for a call back by either customer care or a supervisor I was told that they can not do that........ Even AT&T Mobility does that....

         I definitely left feedback in the popup window you get when you go to close the chat window, that is also posted below.

         Lets just say at this point my faith in Bell Mobility is dwindling and I hope they can fix that. I have had this service/number since I moved to Nova Scotia and that has been over 15 years now.

    Thank you for your patience an online representative will be with you shortly. Your wait time is approximately 1 minute(s).

    You are chatting with John A.
    Your name: Wilcre
    Your number: ***-***-****
    Your question: I have a question about my current Commitment period end date. 21:26
    • Sir John A: Hi there William!
    • Sir John A: No worries, I'm here for you I can definitely assist you with the contract.
    • Sir John A: May I know what is it?
    • Wilcre: Commitment period end date January 03, 20**
    • Sir John A: Yes, would you like to double check it?
    • Wilcre: I would like to know what renewed the contract, the last time it should of been renewed is when I got the Sony Xperia™ T
    • Sir John A: I see, let me check it. I see that your account is protected by a pin. Can I have that, too? For me to be able to validate and secure your account.
    • Wilcre: Sure not a problem it is ****
    • Sir John A: Perfect! Thank you very much for the information, William.
    • Wilcre: not a problem
    • Sir John A: I'll review the log on your account. By the way how's our day today?
    • Wilcre: thank you, and it was pretty good. thank you for asking.
    • Sir John A: Great that is good to know. Let me see if I can make it perfect.
    • Sir John A: I see here that you make a upgrade last January 4, 20** right?
    • Wilcre: there was a upgrade but that should of been done sooner than that. does the account reflect when i claimed a warranty replacement for my sony, they had given me a Motorola as a temp phone to use.
    • Sir John A: Yes, what I see here is that the contract starts on that date and on a three years contract.
    • Wilcre: So with a warranty claim the contract is renewed again?.
    • Sir John A: Let review it further.
    • Sir John A: I see here that the upgrade started on January 4, 2013 and the contract didn't extend at all.
    • Wilcre: can you confirm when it was I filed the warranty claim for the Sony Xperia™ T
    • Wilcre: *Please
    • Sir John A: Sure, let me check on it.
    • Sir John A: I'm afraid but the warranty replacement was not recorded here on the account.
    • Wilcre: can you confirm in the system when I was using a different IMEI than I am now, the first date that shows up would indicate the day I sent the phone in for repair and then when it changes again is the date when I got the Sony Xperia™ T back again.
    • Sir John A: I see here that it is register last January 4, 2013 and the phone was not change. Did they repair the phone?
    • Wilcre: Yes it was a internal battery issue with the phone. I know they didnt change the IMEI on the account; however the IMEI would of changed for the authentication in the system for when I got the temp phone and then again when I got the Sony back again.
    • Sir John A: Yes, the thing is that I didn't see any record here that the commitment was change.
    • Wilcre: ok just a second please.
    • Sir John A: Sure, no worries.
    • Wilcre: ok I am back, 21:58
    • Sir John A: Great!
    • Sir John A: What do you mean by the 21:58?
    • Sir John A: Is that for the time?
    • Wilcre: do you or your tech department have access to a system that records/lists the IMEI's and ICCID's that are associated and ro used on my account?. if so thenwe can confirm when the Sony Xperia™ T was originally purchased and placed on my account, from the papaer work I ahve been able to find I got the phone in the middle to start
    • Wilcre: *start of 20** not 20**.
    • Wilcre: sorry the 21:58 was copied over from a personal chat I have going with another person.
    • Sir John A: Oh I see, no worries, let me verify the 20** logs again..
    • Sir John A: I carefully check the logs for 2012 and I'm afraid but there's no records on it that it started on that date. I see here that it stared on the first month of 2013. That is what I see here base on the information on the account.
    • Wilcre: Does your system show when I got the calling plan I have now?.
    • Sir John A: Yes, I see here that the plan started on January 04, 20** that is the time when the upgrade is made.
    • Wilcre: Does the system show you or can you find out on that date what store location renewed the contract?.
    • Sir John A: I see here that when the contract started it was never renewed or extended.
    • Sir John A: If the phone is repaired it would not extend the contract.
    • Wilcre: Does the system show you or can you find out what store location started the contract?.
    • Sir John A: Are you referring on the store where you activated the upgrade?
    • Wilcre: I am trying to clarify what store started the contract currently on the account, I need to know if it was the store that did the warranty claim or the store I got the phone from, they are different stores in different cities.
    • Sir John A: Let me see if I can find it.
    • Wilcre: They are commissioned based their sales ID should be on the account.
    • Sir John A: I'm afraid that is not recorded on this system .
    • Wilcre: So the notes do not reflect what a in store agent does to the account by their ID or name or such!.
    • Sir John A: I'm afraid yes, the system are not showing on what store does the upgrade happen.
    • Wilcre: does ti show for the calling plan!.
    • Sir John A: Your rate plan change to Fab 10 Promo 65 - 36M last January 4, 20**.
    • Wilcre: ok by what store location, only 2 agents had access to my account, i need to know what one.
    • Sir John A: I'm afraid that the store location is not shown here.
    • Wilcre: does it state a store number possibly?.
    • Sir John A: No store Id is reflected. It gives Application number which is ********.
    • Wilcre: Unfortunately that doesn't help me without full access to your internal systems.
    • Sir John A: I understand you. If you want you may call our client care department for they are using different system from us and they have more access than us here on chat. Would you like to get the number?
    • Wilcre: unfortunately unless I speak to tech support customer care is closed as per the IVR which is why I have come to the online department.
    • Sir John A: I see, I'm afraid that please contact the said department again tomorrow. For this is the only information I have in our system.
    • Sir John A: I'll do everything that I can the thing is that is the only information here on the account. I hope you understand.
    • Sir John A: For now would that be all to serve you?
    • Wilcre: Are you able to have either have a supervisor or customer care call me tomorrow after 15
    • Wilcre: Are you able to have either have a supervisor or customer care call me tomorrow after 15:00 AST.
    • Sir John A: I'm afraid but we can't set up a call back.
    • Wilcre: Sorry first line got cut short.
    • Sir John A: For now would that be all to serve you?
    • Wilcre: Are you able to leave detailed notes on the account for me so that all they have to do is read the notes instead of me having to re-explain everything to them when I call back in again.
    • Sir John A: Absolutely! I'll explain the situation on the account and leave a notes here. To serve as their reference once you call.
    • Wilcre: ok thank you then. that is all. have a good night sir. 22:36.
    • Sir John A: You too have a good night! It's been a pleasure assisting you regarding the contract! Thank you for choosing Bell mobility. Have a great day, William! Smile always!
    • Sir John A: Bye for now! Cheers!
    Thank you for chatting with us. Please click the "Close" button on the top right of the chat window to tell us how we did today.

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    Find out more

    Thanks for visiting and chatting with us today. Please provide us with your feedback so we may serve you better.

    How satisfied were you with the service from our Client Care rep?
    ***Not very***

    Do you feel your inquiry was resolved?
    ***Not at all***

    Based on your recent experience, how likely are you to recommend Bell?

    Should you ever need help again, will you use Live Chat?

    Please feel free to provide additional feedback about your Live Chat experience.

    When asking the rep for detailed info in reguards to my contract, he was only able to provide the month, day and year. When asked what agent put the current rate plan in to place he could not provide that information, nor could he provide the store location that put the plan in to place. The agent also stated that he could not confirm when the ICCID on the account changed and then changed back again, He was also unable to find any mention on the account about a warranty claim that was filed on my Sony Xperia™ T.  Either the online customer care reps need more access to the systems to locate this information or the information should be listed in the system, that is going with the assumption that the representitive was not misleading me and just kept me online for a hour. Full transcript of the conversation is available if you dont already have a copy of it for quality assurance purposes.

    Total character limitation: 900. I had to reduce the word "Information" to "Info" to make everything fit. Heck, a MMS can handle a higher character count then their "additional info" section can.

    And just in case I have the gallows ready and waiting for Bell Mobility.

    Wednesday, August 13, 2014

    The dreaded dialing of a phone.

    Hello and good day to all.

         This is a message to warn you of dialing your phone (Landlines/Cellular devices or if still around those old archaic things called payphones') in the next 11 days (August 23, 2014) within the boundaries of Nova Scotia (A.K.A: NS) and Prince Edward Island (A.K.A: PEI) you will get a verbal reminder stating "dial 902 before the call is completed"..

         As of  November 16, 2014 which is in (95 days) 10-digit dialing will be mandatory and if not dialed landline users & /Cellular device users (And yes even those old archaic things called payphones) will hear the message of "The area code is now required and you need to redial to complete the call".

         As of November 30, 2014 (109 days) "The new area code, 782 will be introduced and used in the same region as area code 902. Anyone who already has a number with area code 902 will keep the same number. For all local calls, You will always dial 10 digits (area code + local number)".

         So this is a suck it up and make the changes now, or expect some very unfriendly customer service reps either in the stores; or over the phone; or online for the carrier that you are through. They will have a very snarky attitudes towards you when you call them to complain that it is too much of a hassle for you to program your phone book and or update your phone book on the phone you use to include the area code and expect them to do it for you.

         This is a FYI, these agents are not allowed to bring their magic wands with them to work so they can not just wave their wand over your phone to make this hassle go away for you.

    Ensure you program your telecommunications devices in advance to handle 10-digit dialing. See the checklist on for more information.

    Tuesday, June 3, 2014

    Benefit and silent auction

    On Saturday July 12th from 18:00 to 00:00 there will be a benefit/silent auction with a dance held at the North Woodside Community center (230 Pleasent St in Dartmouth). This event is being held to financially help Roger Cruickshank and his family due to his diagnosis of bladder cancer. Roger was diagnosed with bladder cancer back in September 2013, and sionce then the cancer has spread and gone to his bones as well. During this time he has been working but unfortunately he does not have any benefits from his employer. Now as of May 22nd of 2014 Roger was told he could no longer work by his oncologist. So if you can not attend the function you can still donate something/anything for the silent auction it is greatly appreciated by Roger and his family. More information can be obtained by contacting Angie Smith (Rogers sister) at 1-902-435-4449 or 1-902-499-0885.

    Wednesday, May 28, 2014

    kids and Tim Hortons

    Tim Hortons Camp Day

         So the Tim Hortons (Twitter name @TimHortons or for the french version they are @ChezTimHortons or in the USA @TimHortonsUs) camp day is on Wednesday June 4th 2014 this year. Every time you and people you know buy a coffee from Tim Hortons all the 100% proceeds of that coffee go to help children go to camp this year with Tim Hortons. Last year alone more than 17,000 disadvantaged children got to go to camp at 1 of 6 local camps in North America run and operated by THCF (on twitter as @thcf1974). You can also help buy texting the word “Camp” to 45678 and you will of donated $5 to this event and the $5 charge will show on your next invoice from your wireless carrier.

    This year the target that Tim Hortons has set to send a kid to camp is 200,000  which is a hefty goal but the end result is a miracle not only to reach but also a miracle for the children that get to go to the camps as well. There are 2 recent videos I found online (Listed below). Last year alone Tim Hortons took in 11.8 Million in Donations for the camps and children.

    THCF - "In Their Own Words":
    About camp day at Tim Horton Children's Foundation - Because of Camp:

    Tim Hortons just recently passed there 50th year in business starting with their first store in Brampton Ontario and when camp day first started 40 years ago they had coin collection boxes available at their cash registers for people to make donations but now you can also for some time also do what they call is Rent-A-Tent for $1 or Rent-A-Cabin for $2 in the stores as well. But now you can also have then server round your transaction up to the nearest dollar as well and that extra is donated to the Camp Day event as well.

    Virtually all stores have a different way of celebrating camp day by decorating each store differently and or by the employee's dressing differently or by doing different events like selling hot dogs and hamburgers or other items or by doing draws for items like Tim Hortons cup's and such. By them doing this they are also taking these extra proceeds and putting them towards camp day as well. So if you have the chance to and you normally go to more Tim Hortons more than once a day try and go to a different one each visit on that day and see what the difference is between them, you may be thoroughly surprised by what you see there.

    Also again this year Tim Hortons is holding another free open house at their Tatamagouche Nova Scotia camp site. It is on June 1st from 1pm to 5pm. They will be having games, face painting and boating and snacks as well
    The Tim Horton Children's Camp in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia opened in 1988. The camp is located on the shores of the Northumberland Strait where campers can experience Maritime living and heritage.  The Tim Horton Children's Camp hosts residential campers throughout the summer months and March Break. Schools.

    • Tim Horton Children's Camp
    • RR #3 (Sunrise Trail - Route 6)
    • Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia
    • Tel: 1-(902) 657-2359

    Now you can also volunteer with the camps in many ways, but here are the 2 key selling points
    Tim Horton Children's Foundation volunteers contribute thousands of hours helping economically disadvantaged children discover their best at camp. Whether you want to volunteer in the camp program, help get the site ready to welcome over 16,000 young people, or support the administration of the Foundation, the Tim Horton Children's Foundation has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities to match your passion, skills and schedule.
    Apply to be a volunteer with the Tim Horton Children's Foundation
    Benefits of Volunteering: Volunteering is more than just sharing your time and passion, it's about the satisfaction of knowing you are helping people become stronger, giving back to your community and gaining valuable work experience that will enhance your career development.
    You can also contact the Tim Horton Children's Foundation Home Office at 1-519-448-1248 to learn about volunteer opportunities in your area.

    To wrap this up here is a listing of all the Tim Hortons camp sites with the recommendation to see what you can do to help in one way or another with the camp and or the children.

    Tim Horton Onondaga Farms, St. George

    Tim Horton Onondaga Farms opened in June 2002 on 400 acres of rolling hills and wetlands in St. George, Ontario (near Brantford) and is the Foundation's newest camp. Onondaga Farms hosts both residential campers and Youth Leadership Program participants throughout the summer months and March Break. Schools, youth groups and other community organizations that meet the Foundation's selection criteria can also benefit from year-round programming.

    Tim Horton Onondaga Farms
    RR #2, 264 Glen Morris Road East
    St. George, Ontario
    Tel: 1-(519) 448-1264

    Tim Horton Children's Ranch, Kananaskis

    The Tim Horton Children's Ranch, which opened in 1991, is nestled on 150 acres in beautiful Kananaskis Country, Alberta. Participants at "the Ranch" have the unique experience of living in the Canadian Rockies, and enjoying activities such as horseback riding, rock climbing and white water rafting as well as other traditional camp activities. Tim Horton Children's Ranch hosts residential campers throughout the summer months. Schools, youth groups and other community organizations that meet the Foundation's selection criteria can also benefit from year-round programming.

    Tim Horton Children's Ranch
    1 Tim Horton Drive & Hwy. # 40
    P.O. Box 117
    Kananaskis, Alberta
    Tel: 1-(403) 673-2494

    Tim Horton Camp Kentahten, Campbellsville

    Opened in 2001, this is the first Tim Horton Children's Foundation camp in the United States. The camp occupies 50 acres of waterfront property on Green River Lake, in the heart of Kentucky.  Tim Horton Camp Kentahten hosts residential campers throughout the summer months and March Break. Schools, youth groups and other community organizations that meet the Foundation's selection criteria can also benefit from year-round programming.

    Camp Kentahten
    49 Kentahten Trail
    Campbellsville, KY, 42718
    1-(270) 465-9250

    Tim Horton Children's Camp, Tatamagouche

    The Tim Horton Children's Camp in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia opened in 1988. The camp is located on the shores of the Northumberland Strait where campers can experience Maritime living and heritage.  The Tim Horton Children's Camp hosts residential campers throughout the summer months and March Break. Schools, youth groups and other community organizations that meet the Foundation's selection criteria can also benefit from year-round programming.

    Tim Horton Children's Camp
    RR #3 (Sunrise Trail - Route 6)
    Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia
    Tel: 1-(902) 657-2359

    Camp Des Voyageurs Tim Horton, Quyon

    The Foundation's fourth camp opened in Quyon, Quebec in 1994.  Set on Pontiac Bay of the Ottawa river guests at Camp des Voyageurs Tim Horton can enjoy learning about the rich Voyageur history in the area of the camp. Camp des Voyageurs Tim Horton hosts residential campers throughout the summer months and March Break. Schools, youth groups and other community organizations that meet the Foundation's selection criteria can also benefit from year-round programming.

    Camp des Voyageurs Tim Horton
    60, chemin du Canal
    Quyon, Quebec
    Tel: 1-(819) 458-3164

    Tim Horton Memorial Camp, Parry Sound

    The Tim Horton Memorial Camp is the Foundation's first camp, established in 1975 and is located on Lorimer Lake, north of Parry Sound, Ontario. Situated on 104 acres of land the camp offers many outdoor activities and facilities for all guests to enjoy, including 800 feet of sandy beach.  The Tim Horton Memorial Camp hosts both residential campers and Youth Leadership Program participants throughout the summer months and March Break. Schools, youth groups and other community organizations that meet the Foundation's selection criteria can also benefit from year-round programming.

    Memorial Camp
    RR #1, Lorimer Lake
    Parry Sound, Ontario
    Tel: 1-(705) 389-2773

    This is a link to all the camp sites right from the main home page that I scoured to get all this info

    Saturday, May 17, 2014

    Canadian diabetes association

    So I was given a info packet today for a clothing bin, so I sat down to actually read it and it was from the Canadian diabetes association, The gentleman that gave me the packet was very friendly and dressed in business casual clothing which was a very welcome change from seeing people in a full blown business suit.
    The information was very easy to read and understand and well presented. This is definitely something that everyone should look into and not just from the Canadian diabetes association but other companies that do the same thing as well. The only thing this does is help the people that need it and shows that we as a whole are good people and help when we can where we can.
    So please give the info below a look over (It has all been summarized from the info that I was given) and see if there is anything that you can do be it donation, support or volunteer work.
    Canadian Diabetes Association
    Diabetes is an epidemic not only in Canada but in the world and currently in Canada alone there are 9 Million people affected by diabetes or prediabetes. Type 2, the form of diabetes that normally happens/develops later in life is on the growth and being seen in people as young as 11 year olds. The Canadian Diabetes Association works with companies and people and communities on whole to help and try and eliminate diabetes.
    The Canadian diabetes Association’s clothesline program collects used or new clothing and household donations from communities by either pre-arranged pick-ups or by collecting the items  from their clothing drop box’s that are throughout cities and towns.
    The box’s are checked every day (excluding Christmas day and New Years day) so the box is never over filled or looking bad while on your property. In the off chance that the box becomes full before the regular pick-up happens’ you can contact them and they will come again and empty it to alleviate the situation.
    By having a Canadian diabetes Association’s clothesline box you are helping the environment and the less fortunate by creating less garbage to go to landfills.
    Should you have further questions and or you are interested in obtaining a Canadian diabetes Association’s clothesline box you can contact Canadian diabetes Association at 1-800-505-5525 or online at or
    Random Faq’s
    • Clothesline raises more than 30 Million annually.
    • There are over 2100 donation bins.
    • 1.7 million households (not unique) are visited annually.
    • 42+ million Kg’s are diverted from landfills annually.
    o This means 766+million kWh is saved annually.
    o This also reduces our carbon footprint by 105+ million Kg’s of CO2 emissions.
    • Clothesline has been operating since 1985.
    • More than 7+ million given to research last year.
    • Has camps for children (1600) with diabetes that live with type 1 diabetes.
    Some of the sponsors/supporters/hosts
    • Canadian Tire
    • Esso
    • Foodland
    • The Home Depot
    • Home Hardware
    • Petro-Canada
    • Rona
    • Safeway
    • 7 Eleven
    • Shell
    • Shoppers drug mart
    • Sobeys
    • Walmart

    Monday, May 12, 2014

    PlayOn Halifax

    Good evening my fellow readers I am coming to you once more to let you know of a local even that will be happening here in Halifax very soon, once again this year Ultramar is a major sponsor of Hockey Night in Canada's Play On! Halifax Street Hockey Tournament. With over 500 teams and 4,000 participants the event it is continuing to grow every year.

    Just lik last year, each Ultramar store in Nova Scotia (34 in total) will be raffling off a jersey (Play on, 4 on 4) to promote this event. The jersey is displayed somewhere visible when walking in to the store. The contest begins on May 9 and ends on June 9 The draws will be done at each store on June 10 2014.

    Anyone can fill out a ballot while at the store, 1 ballot per customer per visit. Anyone can make as many visits each day as you like or you can visit more than 1 store and fill out a ballot at each store. The only people that are not allowed to participate is a Ultramar (Cst "parent company name") employee('s) or affiliate('s).

    So with the play on! 4 on 4 event happening on June 14 & 15 2014 All ages and all skill levels are welcome to play by registering at nowthe team registration closes as of June 8 2014.

    There is more information available online at that link or by calling the following number 1-902-240-2748. The event is being held again this year atthe Halifax commons so there will be plenty of room for spectators to cheer everyone on in good sportsman like fashion.

    Now all the sponsors for this event as like last year are all local people and the sponsors are as follows (in no particular order).

    1. Tim Hortons
    2. Hockey Nova Scotia
    3. PODS4. The Chronicleherald
    5. Ultramar
    6. Cineplex
    7. Scion
    8. Halifax Mooseheads
    9. GoodLife Fitness
    10. Best Westrn Plus (Chocolate Lake)
    11. UPS
    12. Hockey Life
    14. Booster Juice
    15. Stub Hub!

    You can also follow PlayOn! on Facebook at or look on Twitter for the Twitter tag #BestWeekendEver

    I hope this entices people to either register and play and or go out and support the local people that have and or will register to play.