Saturday, January 25, 2014

License Plates

     So I have been doing some light research lately on license plates. The information I have found is from the "Summary Offence Ticket Booklet" I got online from the DMV which was current as of the date I downloaded it and last updated as of effective September 1, 2012.

     So I have found that not completely clearing your license plate of snow or anything else that is concealing it or partially concealing it is a chargeable offense by the police or thereof of the DMV  if viewed while the vehicle is in operation.

     This is pursuant to Section 20 subsection 2 of the "Motor Vehicle Act" within Nova Scotia. The first offence will cost you $227.41, the second offence will then cost you $342.41 and the final and subsequent offence will then cost you $572.41.

     Now these fines are the out of court cost. If you do take this to court to try and fight the charge, the charge will then increase.

     So why is it that more people do not clear their license plates off and or why is it that the proper authorities are not enforcing this requirement? Is it due to not knowing this requirement for the average driver or is it a low priority for the proper authorities in which to enforce this law!.

Youth who are a minimum of 16 years old are considered adults when charged with offences under the Motor Vehicle Act or the Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulations.

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