Saturday, January 25, 2014

Where was that audible sound from

     While I was researching License plates and crosswalk rules, I came across something interesting. it is Section 114 subsection A which is listed as Failing to give audible signal before passing.

     What is defined as an audible signal when driving a vehicle?. Are you supposed to honk your horn at the vehicle in which you wish to pass. If so how many honks are you supposed to do before you do pass them?.

     Also if you are supposed to honk your horn at them could that not cause more harm than good! By doing that you could startle the other driver and thus be the cause of an accident.

     This is definitely 1 Motor Vehicle Act that I would love to have posed to an officer and or traffic division judge for clarification on.

     Leave a comment below and let me know what you think and or know.

     Failing to give audible signal before passing Section 114 subsection A Out of Court Settlement which has the out of court fines of 1st offence - $284.91, 2nd offence - $457.41, 3rd/Subsequent offence - $802.41

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