Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Drive Thru's

     So what is with drive thru's these days?

     Drive Thru's were originally used for expiated service for customers! however this day and age people claim that they are there for the same reason and nothing has changed.

     This could not be further from the truth. the next time you go to a location that has a drive thru available take a look at the last vehicle in line before you go in to the store and check again when you leave for the same vehicle, 9 times out of 10 that same vehicle is still in line and awaiting to pull up to the window to get their product.

     In most situations there are a couple things that make the drive thru slower than being served in store in no particular order.

     (Normally most businesses have more people working the drive thru than any other station in the store to try and make it more efficient but in most cases it makes it very inefficient instead).
  1. Customers not knowing what they want to get.
  2. Customers not having their payment method ready when they have to pay.
  3. Being allowed to place large orders.
  4. Employee's taking their time.
    1. Employee's spending time talking to the customers after the transaction is finalized.
     So why is it that the drive thru is now slower than being served inside majority of the time?.

     Prime example is now most subways I have been to lately either have a sign up or will tell their customers not to be using their wireless devices while placing their order, if the customer does not abide by that they will skip that customer and go to the next one till that person is done using the wireless device.

     By doing that they are not holding up their other customers and wasting time, it is also placing ownership of the customers back on to them for the time spent their and not on the employee's for being frustrated by the customers by not co-operating with the employee that is simply trying to do their job.

     Now we have Tim Horton's drive thru, they will sell anything that they have in the store through their drive thru and in any amount. There have been numerous times I have been in the store and seen the employee's making numerous sandwiches or a couple trays of coffee's and taking it to the drive through window to give to a customer.

     What is the point of going through the drive through to order something that size. That type of transaction should be done in the store instead.

     The thing most people do not realize is that most if not all companies have a time limit for each transaction being conducted at the drive through and that in turn goes towards their appraisals when they are done.

     In summary, people need to get up off of their arses and stop being so lazy and go inside and leave the drive thru alone for the people that are getting 1 or 2 quick serve items in the drive through.

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