Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Feeling, oh the feelings.

Do I love her? Yes I do. does she know I love her, that I do not know. Do I wish she knew that I love her? Yes. Have I loved her from the start? Yes I have. Have I tried to hurt her! It is unbearable but yes I have. Has she done stuff to hurt me! Yes she has. Does she know she has done these things? That I do not know; for I never told her. For that it is upon me to bear for knowing to tell her she has done those things that have hurt me may lead to more hurt in the end for her And or I. I wish I knew how to express myself so freely as she is able to do, alas I do not know her to do so as she does so care freely without thinking twice about it. Does she know that what she has so And does so freely it appears to be taken for granted by me due to my untrained heart! I so wish the best for her but so wish that it was I that was apart of her life in the way that we were. But alas unless she can learn to understand me the way that I am and know even though I may not use my words so freely that within my heart she is my queen And I wish to be her king for all eternity upon this game of chess that is life that we live.

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