Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sobeys Wyse Rd

     So today I finally broke down and went to the new Sobeys location that is at 210 Wyse Rd in Dartmouth; which surprisingly enough is open until 9pm on a Sunday, per their website but the front door decal at the store location states until 5pm. I think they need to get together and straighten the operational times out so there is no possible confusion.

     They have a large parking lot with ample parking of vehicles with a couple cart corrals as well. From the outside of the building the place looks quite large, however once inside it is larger than it appears to be.

     As for the layout of the store it is very well layed out with ample space to move around even if someone is stopped in the middle of an aisle which is a definite plus.

     They also have a ample amount of windows near the top of the walls near the ceiling in which to let plenty of light in (Which I would hope means that the lights that were installed inside the building are either on sensors to control how bright they are or they are all on dimmers so as to reduce energy use).

     Now it does appear that most of the employee's if not all the employees of the Sobeys from the old location on Primrose St have been moved to the new location. However one of the employee's I had to try and interact with today at the Salad/Sandwich counter was either having a bad day or she is like this all the time, completely ignored me as well as another customer that were trying to get her attention. When we finally got her attention she resisted on interacting with us but she served the other customer that was there. Then came my turn, I had asked if she had any more salads or if 1 could be made (keep in mind this is almost 4 hours before closing time), she walked away then came back and said she only had what was on the shelf then promptly went back to what she was doing before we interrupted her. Definitely not the pinnacle of customer service to say the least from this employee.

     Now during my time in the store I walked around it a couple times to check everything out; and every time I walked past the cashiers they were always smiling and and greeting the customers. I even saw the security guard walking around the store and he even helped a customer locate a item that he was searching for in the store as well, This is definitely a plus because that normally does not happen very often if at all these days.

     So my over all experience in this new Sobeys location is quite excellent and will be going back there again and not because it is the closest grocery store to me.

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