Monday, July 29, 2013

men and women not showing the sign's

     So why is there such a large gap between the way man and women act? Specifically when in regards to interest in the opposite sex?.

     For a guy if a female asks a guy say to go get a coffee or such or go and do something else like a walk in the park etc... The men will come right out and say either yes or no to the situation.

     But yet when the role is reversed the women will almost always say I will let you know or now is not a good time, but will not come out and say NO even though she wants to.

     With this being done it is showing the male that the possibility is there that it may happen. But majority of the time the women either avoids the person them self or avoids the area that the man is normally located.
But on the other hand when it comes to feelings the roles are reversed for the most part. The women are the ones that are generally the ones that show their emotion and the men are the ones that hold back their emotions and or feelings.

     Now I have found that the men and women that will not come out and say NO are the ones that say that they are the ones that want to be up front and say it as it is with people and the ones that are reserved or quiet or such are the ones that actually will give a honest up front answer, which greatly confuses me and others to no end.

     Now once the men and women are in a relationship, there is generally 3 types (There are more but to keep it simplified) of relationships that can be had.
  1. The bad relationship
  2. The good relationship
  3. The great relationship
     The first relationship is when 1 of the people in the relationship mistreated the other one in one way or another (Verbally or physically and or mentally). This relationship is one that is generally on again off again until a breaking point is reached and they are forced apart by friends, family and or the law.

     Then you have the good relationship. This is the relationship that is had when there is a benefit for the other person in the relationship of some sort. This relationship will last until the person in this relationship either gets what they want out of it or until they figure out that they are not gonna get what they are wanting as soon as they want it or not get it at all. Then at that point they find a reason to end the relationship and will usually place the blame on the other person for the failure of the relationship.

     The final relationship is the one that the 2 people get married and stay together till as the vow states "Till death do you part". This happens when both parties in the relationship are open and honest with each other. Now with this relationship it has its ups and downs at times reflecting on the. 2 other types of relationships but the bond created is strong enough to withstand it and stay on track and stay strong thus with standing the test of time.

     This is the million dollar question that not even could be answered on the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.

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