Monday, July 22, 2013

Phenominal music by Mike Peralta

     Hey if you like free music that is excellent and done independently. Then I would recommend that you check out Mike Peralta.

     As of Jul 21st, 2013 he has put all of his music free with the only 2 conditions being that you tell people who he is and if you can make a donation to him when you take the option to download his music (Donation appreciated but not mandatory).

     When you go to download the music you will get a pop-up window asking for payment, all you have to do is insert a "0" as the price and then enter your email address as well as your Postal Code/Zip code and click submit.

     You can also sign up for his news letter as well at this link here and download the songs/albums this way as well. Both choices are free and you are not spammed in any manner by either option selected.

     Mike Peralta is an independent singer songwriter based in orange county, California. Listen to or purchase his debut acoustic folk album and all of his latest singles, You can get T-Shirts and other video's at

     I do not know what else to say other than he is a very talented artist and everyone should give his music a listen.

     Mike Peralta can be found on numerous avenues of media, Such as
Here is a embedment of "A Story Forever" by Mike Peralta for you to hear.

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