Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cash Tendered

     So what is it with people and them paying for what they get in full, can you really go to a grocery store and get stuff there and not have all the money to pay for it in full or at all and still take it all home with you?

     Or would you have to put back stuff till you reach the monetary balance that you had enough to pay for before you can leave the store with the stuff you picked up.

     So why is it that people think that gas stations are any different? I mean come on you go there knowing you need to get gas (or possibly something else) and yet get upset when asked for the full amount for the gas that you just put in to your vehicle. Have we as human beings taken the definition of entitlement to a whole New level? I mean we are lucky here in Nova Scotia employers are not permitted to actually collect on shortages; however that does not mean that they can not take other action that can and does lead up to termination of your employment.

     People have to remember that these people at gas stations and such are generally at minimum wage or just above if they are lucky.

     So the next time you go to a gas station remember you are dealing with a minimum wage employee and if you short them on what you owe you can be the cause or them losing their job then you have to choice but to quite possibly pay for then to be on assistance if they can't get employment insurance.

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