Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Movies And The Theaters

Movies And The Theaters
Written by: Kevin Cresswell

     So I have been wondering about this for awhile now. Why is it that when you go see a movie it states that it starts at 6:55 but it never does…..

     So every time you go see a movie you get there about 15 minutes early to get your tickets and refreshments and then go get a seat expecting the movie to be starting soon.

     But alas you still have to wait for it to start because now you have to go through all the previews for the new movies that are out or are coming out soon which is the same thing that they were showing 30 minutes prior to the supposed start time of the movie and not to mention the advertisements and trivia that they show as well.

     If they do that then why is it that they don’t state that the movie will be start 15 to 20 minutes later then what they said it would be? A movie that they say will be 2 hours long from start to the end of the credits ends up being almost 2.5 hours instead.

     Back when I first started going to the movies the movies always started at the displayed times and all other previews for movies were playing before the movie actually started and there were no commercials or such that were played before hand (Exception to this rule were and I think are still Drive-In theaters; I wish they were still around and in use), But then again back then movies were good and had plots and were really enjoyable and cheap.

     Also almost like everything else theaters have been increasing their pricing on admissions and concession costs even though their cost for the movie (‘s) have not gone up enough to justify the price increase that the public has to pay to see the movie (‘s).

     For 1 person to go see 1 movie and get popcorn and a drink and lets say skittles you will be paying $25 (Per person minimum) but yet the drink and the popcorn are all bought in bulk and the candies are bought in wholesale; So there is no way that the high cost can be justified with the exception of greed by the company (which they say is they are doing it for their stock holders, which I can see but it is more for the CEO’s pay cheque than anything else) that you are dealing with to see the movie.

     So why is it that these companies charge so much for us to see a movie?. The company is the one that decided to make the huge theater and put in all the extra lights and electronics in the theater not us the paying customer.

     Take a look at the theater next time you get a chance to, you will see that the entrance area has a high ceiling that they have (Large light and heating cost due to the extra room to light and heat), Then if you also notice not all theaters are in use at all times, yet they have it lit up even though no one is in there. Some movie theaters even have separate hallways leading to other theaters that are normally used for big movie releases and sit dormant for some time, but yet they still have to heat them and have lights on in them.

     So in conclusion I do not understand why we as the paying consumer put up with the high cost of seeing 1 movie as we do now.

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