Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gas And Dash is a crime

     OK so I am an employee with a gas station in the Maritime's, we do enforce the prepay system as of 7pm AST, but yet people still get upset that they have to prepay.
     We still have 2 or more Drive Offs a week and for normally $50+ dollars and that is just the 1 site I work at that is 24/7 site. There are hundreds of gas stations throughout the Maritime's/Canada.
     Every time there is a drive off we have to call the cops, they have investigate it, thus taking them away from other priorities in the area that are more important than a Gas And Dash, that is alot of man hours wasted every year.
CBC just aired a video article on this as well http://bit.ly/Gas-and-Dash. There is no difference between prepaying your fuel and paying once your done other than the Gas company is not out the cost of the fuel when you have to prepay first.
     The order you have to go through to get your gas currently is
  1. Pump your gas
  2. Walk inside
  3. Wait in line (If there is 1)
  4. Pay
  5. Walk back out of the store
  6. Get in your vehicle and then leave
     Prepaying just requires you to go inside and pay then pump then leave, this only changes point number #1 & #4. now for the people that say they do not know how much gas they are going to need, well 75% or more of people these days pay with a credit card or a debit card or gas gift card, almost all gas stations now do pre-authorization's for the gas, thus if you under pump you are only charged for what you pumped and not the original amount you selected, no fuss no muss.
     As for the people that pay cash a little more exercise wont kill anyone by walking back in to get your change and or receipt, it is not hard to do at all.
     People just do not like change (or in some situations exercise) and the fact that the thief's ruin it for the whole.
     (also why do you have to pay for your groceries before you can leave the store and eat them! why can't you eat them then pay for them?)
      Also the thief's are getting smarter as well, I have seen them take their license plate off and then gas and dash, I have seen them use stolen plates, I have even seen 1 guy use a stolen car with a stolen plate from another car, the thief's are getting smarter and more brazen as well. make sure you make a comment here and at this site here http://bit.ly/WilcreNews957, that is where I posted this at originally but expanded upon it here.
     Also there are people out there that say the offender should have to do jail time for their crime, I do agree in a way, but why should they go to jail and live free, get free meals, a roof over their head, TV time and exercise and such all on our tax dollars (This is really another topic all together), make them do time yes, but do not give them creature comforts and make them do hard labor while they are in prison, they are there for a reason not a vacation.
     CBC News ran a article on Wednesday October 4, 2006 1:21PM PT about "B.C. to implement 'Grant's Law' to protect gas station workers", more info on BC's Grant's Law can be found at this link HERE with contact information for the Director of Communications for the BC Federation of Labour.

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