Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Now this is kinda old but I finally found it, might as well have all my toys together. Now also this is the shortened version, The full archived version from will not load for me at this time.

Sunday Shopping Petition For All Of Nova Scotia

Category: Economy & Business
Target: Nova Scotia Government
Author: Kevin Cresswell
Started: August 9, 2006
Total Signatures: 4

     This is a petition for having Sunday shopping approved. The reasoning for the petition is for the fact that thepeople want it and some even need it due to work schedule and such. Want proof, as your friends and family members and co-workers their thoughts on it.

     Also it is not just the people, but the media talking about it, just listen to 95.7 on your FM dial, you will almost definite hear about Sunday shopping on there at least once in a full 24 hour span. Besides, what is shopping, it is as per the dictionary defined as V. To visit or buy from (a particular store). Now does that not mean corner stores, gas stations, coffee shops and such, if so why are they open and not everybody else.

     Oh sure people say it is a day of rest, but not everybody sees it as that, check out the Blue Law[S], if Sunday was the day of rest, why is the Blue Law[S] not enforced anymore!. So i say, if you have ever bought gas or even a penny candy for any reason since April 24, 1985, you are in violation of the Sunday shopping laws, and should be punished by the "Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms act" or worse yet the original Blue Law[S].

     So lets justify this and rectify this and make Sunday shopping legal now except for when it only benefits the governments.. Say yes to Sunday shopping and sign this petition. Thank You. Written By WKBC and Family...


1. Lionel R Johns (8/9/06) - Either the world is right and Nova Scotian are wrong or Nova Scotia is right and the world is wrong. Its no wonder that Nova Scotia can bring in industry into this province when we close down the province on Sundays except for gambling, bars, beer stores and numerous other activities. Its time the people of this province got their heads out of the sand.

2. Shirley Johns (8/10/06)

3. Nicole Marie DesBarres (8/30/06)

4. apparently 11 daz thinks! sadly mistakin (4/26/09) - I support this petition.

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