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     So DudeLikeHELLA on YouTube does a daily VLOG, he used to live in California, but recently moved to Alaska. Talk about making a move, from a hot place to a cold place, but the trade-off in scenery and such is more than a fair trade, if anything he got the better part of the deal.

     In his recent VLOG that he did labeled COOLEST SOUND EVER! [Living in Alaska 43]; he came across an ice-covered lake surrounded by mountains., and him being the big kid he is, he skips a rock across the ice, the resulting outcome of the sound is just amazing to say the least. Not to mention he capped the second skipping off with a duck call, I liked it so much I had to convert the sound into an audio file for my ringtone/alarm on my phone.

     You can see the entire video here (Video Link) ("I do highly recommend watching it and all his other video's as well and not to mention the one called "Beer Train GONE WRONG! - [Living in Alaska 38]"it is a riot, here is that link for you ((2nd Video Link)), the sounds come from the time stamps in the video of 3:52-3:57 and 4:30-4:33 and then 4:38-4:38.

     Now keep in mind all these audio files I have compiled from his video, I do not own these sounds and only have borrowed them and hope Cory does not mind this, all of his contact information is listed below if you wish to reach him, also check out his video's, which I highly recommend to do.

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Keek him: 36secondFILMS

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Thank you GCI for the awesome internet! Today's video took 40 minutes to upload.


Camera - Sony Cybershot RX-100
Extension Mount - iPole Stealth

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