Saturday, October 18, 2014

Beford trails to Halifax

 Beford trails to Halifax

      So I intended to walk about 5km today (3.1m), but I ended up walking over double that today, I walked a total of 12.7km (7.89m). I took the number 16 bus from close to home, then transferred to the number 80 to get to the Tim Hortons in Bedford (1530 Nova Scotia Trunk 2, Bedford, NS B4A) next to the Chicken Burger, the first place I stopped was at the Esso located at 1505 Bedford Hwy, Bedford, NS B4A 1E3 to get some water for the walk. The attendants there were friendly to say the least, but very surprised/startled when they asked what I was up to and I replied back that I was walking to Halifax from Bedford.

     Something that I noticed that along the walk from Bedford until I got to MSVU (Mount Saint Vincent University) everyone that I passed said hello to me as we passed each other, once I passed MSVU not one person acknowledged the greeting that I gave them.

     Now along the way I stopped and either took in the scenery (I have never actually walked this part of the area, I had always just driven through it) or took a couple pictures of the area; mainly of the Bedford Basin ("Photos listed below").

     I started the walk around 09:00am and ended it at about 13:00, the walk was about 4 hours long (That is with taking breaks just to sit and watch everything going on with the people around and what was happening in the Basin), so total walk time would of been about 3 hours which is what I figured it would take.

     The day started off a little dark and over cast, but there was a slight breeze and near the end of the walk the breeze was still there but it had cleared up and the sun had also come out as well. In my opinion it was a excellent day for this walk to happen.

     For the walk I was by myself (But when I do it again I do plan to take some one with me to enjoy it more), how ever I did have a boat load of Pod casts from @Lefty643 that I had put on to my MP3 player, so even though I only had a 1 way communication it was still nice to have some sort of a presence with me on this walk.

     My walk was from start to end with these addresses 1530 Nova Scotia Trunk 2, Bedford, NS B4A (Tim Hortons) - 7001 Mumford Road, Halifax, NS B3L 4N9 (Halifax Shopping Centre) 12.7km. An image from Google is below to detail out the walking route I took as well as all the other pictures and 2 short videos I took as well.

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