Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Inclusive tax's

So I downloaded and read the Canadian tax journal (regarding the inclusion of taxes on items) a couple of days ago. This is a good read if you have nothing else do to and want to be bored.

The reason for me to do this because I have always wondered why taxs are not included on items when we buy them at a store.

So what I found was that the bill was passed allowing it to be done, however it was left open and uninforced in all provinces.

The reason they have not enforced it is because not all provinces charge the same rate if tax, 2 provinces don't even charge taxes on all items.

However all provinces have the taxes include for oil and gas and the such. They also say that not all provinces charge the same actual type of tax, which is true by name only; then you also run in to the issue if you buy something online what tax should be charged and collected on the item.

The government is looking at this as a whole picture and not on a smaller scale. Why is it that the taxes can not be included in the items for the sticker price inside the store but when you go to pay for them they are broken down on the receipt like gas and oil is.

Now when it comes to buying something online you are charged the tax according to the province it is from and not where you live. By doing that all the province's still get the proper amount of taxes on everything that is sold.

Now no one can say that this can not be done for it has been done in a couple locations in Ontario, now mind you they were for governmental companies to buy their supplies from, but still it can and has been done.

Canada’s system of conspicuously adding gst and pst onto everything you buy is like having Brian Mulroney sticking his thumbs in his ears and wiggling his fingers every time you buy a chocolate bar. Kelly McParland, Financial post,March 2, 1993

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