Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Attempted murder anyone

So as I am sure that everyone is aware there have been several incidents this year and last year of people being hit in crosswalks for 1 reason or another.

Now I am not gonna say that the fault lies with the driver of the vehicle or the pedestrian, but rather it is a 50/50 fault to start with.

Now I have done 2 other short blogs about each side of the situation from both perspectives.

I know from personal experience that alot of drivers are not paying attention when they are driving. I personally always stay on the sidewalk till all the traffic on both sides of the road have come to a stop and make sure that the driver('s) see me.

With that being said there are still times that while I am starting to cross the road another vehicle will try and pass the stopped cars and come very close to hitting me. I have also seen this happen other times to other people as well and of course I never have a recording device out to capture the incident

Now at the same time I have also waited on the side of the road at a marked crosswalk to cross the road and numerous cars do not slow down or even stop for me to cross the road.

Now what prompted me to do this blog/rant was this tweet that was sent out today from Haligonia.

@haligonia: Driver ticketed after pedestrian hit on Oxford & Coburg http://t.co/YgXpk8s7Iq

A 31-year-old man was issued a summary offence ticket under section 125(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. This ticket carries a fine of $693.95 and four points on a driver’s license upon conviction.

I ask what is the point of issuing a "summary offence ticket under section 125(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk." when this obvious effect on anyone for the fact that this is happening more and more.

The offence should also come with a criminal charge as well for either attempted murder (if the person does not die) or murder (if the person does die) "or the possibly of a lesser charge of attempted manslaughter and or manslaughter itself; now this is if the driver of the vehicle is found guilty of course.

Now if the pedestrian is guilty of causing the incident then they should be criminally charged as well because they are just as liable as the driver is if they caused it, however I have not been able to get any specifics as to what they can be charged with, if you know please comment and let me know.

To wrap this up I do believe that this would be the only wake up call that could be made so people start to take this issue on a more serious note.

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