Monday, September 30, 2013

Never take the blame

So why is it that society this day and age does not take responsibility for their own errors?

     If you are having issues and an employee of the establishment gives you help by verbally informing on what to do and how to do it and you confirm you heard it all and understand what you are told.
Why it's it then when you do not follow the instructions that you were given and confirmed That you understood.

     What makes it worse is that there are also instruction on a card right in front of you with good size font so that it can be read where you were standing.

     After your transaction is done you proceed to then complain that you did not get your store discount and continue to push the issue after that employee that helped you reconfirmed to you again politely after the information that was given to you and then proceeds to point out the information that was readily available to be read where you were and where the information was available to you as well.

     With that being said how is it anyone's fault other than your own that you did not do what you were suppose to do with the information verbally given and available in written text in front of where you did the transaction.

     People in my opinion really need to start taking responsibility for their own errors and or mistakes and Stop blaming other people for their mistakes. We are not children but people of and or above the age maturity.

*These pictures were only used due to being handy and available at the time and are not specific to the situation posted above.

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