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Women & The Workplace

Women & The Workplace
By: Kevin Cresswell

I just read a article titled “Here's To women & their Work – No Matter Where It Is Done” by Brenda Mac Donald (“Two Cents' Worth”) which is a freelance writer from the Halifax Municipality area, the article is in the March 14, 2011 Dartmouth (HRM East) Community Herald.

She writes about women & the work place & their stature within it & or being a stay at home mother. She does make a good point in that women are not truly treated equal to the male counterparts as they should be; especially if they can do the work just as good if not better than the male counterpart for the same job/position. What sparked her in to doing this article is something that she read in a paper on March 07, 2011 which was done by a Jennifer Kim which was published in the Chronicle Herald from the Canadian Press Article called (Child-Care “Gap” Will Hurt Economy). Now Brenda MacDonald does not know Jennifer Kim & can only go by what was printed in the article which she states “I do not know how much of her interview was edited out”.

I for myself have never had a problem working for a female or having them work with me, I treat the males & females the same & expect the same from them no matter what.

Now Brenda does make a very good/excellent point that the mothers that do stay at home to care for their children full time do have a very hard job, they normally get paid very little in a monetary value & work exceedingly long hours every day of the week with little to no time off for themselves through the week/s & or months, but they do get paid the overall best benefits anyone could ever ask for, they get constant hugs & kisses & the chance to see their child & or children grow up & get them to see the first steps & words & them smiling all them time. For me there is nothing better, Unfortunately I was the one that unfortunately had to continuously work the over time & take the shifts that were given to me to make sure we could make the ends meet every month. So for me I cherished every minute I had with my children when I could, But I do know I would rather of been the stay at home father & let my other half work instead.

Brenda also goes in to saying that “she asked a passing acquaintance what she did & she was told that 'I don't work, I'm a stay at-home mom'”, later in the day when she was thinking about it the word “JUST” even though it is a small & trivial word, tends to minimize & diminish even the most wonderful things; & I agree with her being a stay at home mom or parent is not as easy as some think it is, in actuality it can be harder than a 8 hour work day at a actual job itself.

Now the article Brenda does make reference to “Parents” but it appears to be a main focus of mothers in general, she does reference a website of & March 8th in conjunction with “it is a global day celebrating the economic, political & social achievements of women past, present & future” which is a great thing in of itself; but why is it that when it comes to parenting most of the achievements are seen as being lacking from the mother & not the father of the children as well, there are not just dead beat fathers but also dead beat mothers as well, but in the news print & or media all that is usually noted is the fathers.

I agree that women & men need to be treated as one in the same whither its work in the house “ tending to our future our children” or out of the house. I say it's time that people take their blinders off from their eyes & stop walking around with their eyes wide shut & provide the respect & admiration for one & all for what it is they do no matter what it is & do not judge people from the surface that they see; man & women were created equal & have the same faults no matter how big or small they are.

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