Monday, March 7, 2011

Nova Scotia's Winter School Closures......

Nova Scotia's winter School Closures......

     Why is it that when there is any amount of snow that is dropped from above and remains on the ground you can almost guarantee a closure of local schools in the HRM and or even the entire province of Nova Scotia these days.

     To clear this up and make it known I am originally from Kingston Ontario; So I have seen snow and rain and high winds and even very thick fog when I was in school. I came to Nova Scotia back in late 1998 and have been here since and love it because of the atmosphere and people and culture.

  When I was growing up and attending school both public and high school it was very rare to have a snow day or school closure for almost any reason. The worst that would happen is that the buses would be pulled off or possibly delayed from getting to the school for the people that had to take them, but yet we were always required to go.

     But in Nova Scotia I have seen more than my fair share of school closures and the shut down of the entire city itself. The first year that I was here there was 1 morning that I got up to go for a walk in Downtown Dartmouth to explore the area. I walked outside and proceeded down Windmill road towards the downtown core and thought nothing of the light snow (Less than 1/2 a foot of snow) and wind that was present. By the time I got downtown I had realized that as of yet I had not seen any buses or cars or anything on the road and all the stores and shops were closed.

     I had come to find out through the new on TV that the city was shut down because of the bad weather, I could not believe that they had shut the city down because of the weather. From that time on anytime there was any bad weather as they called
it the schools and or buses would shut down till it was all cleared up; I honestly think that the definition of a snow day/city closure like in this article HERE.

     I completely agree with local radio host Rick Howe from News 95.7 that the Nova Scotia’s snow day policy should be reviewed and updated to properly reflect how it is handled when schools (Companies) are closed and or opened due to the weather, for we the people no longer in school are not the only one's suffering but the child of the future due to them not getting the proper education that they are going to need to have the proper jobs and such.

     If something is not done about this issue soon then the future could possibly look a lot grimmer than it is now due to improper education of our future society.

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